Refreshing Handwash 清新洗手液


Refreshing handwash with essential oils of wild berries


800ml 袋装
800ml 袋装
800ml 袋装

• Premium quality handwash for frequent use
• Refreshing wild berry oils to liven and refresh with a rich and creamy lather
• Available in two formats: as a liquid via traditional dispensers or for added economy as a foam through a foaming dispenser
• A tried and cosmetically approved formula with added emollients to keep hands feeling supple
• Ideal for use as a handwash in any washroom
• Highly economical in use
• Refreshing wild berry fragrance

Pack sizes

  • 6 x 800ml liquid
  • 6 x 800ml foam

认证 & 登记

  • Coal Industry Assessment No: 8414/8415


尺寸 800ml 袋装